3/4: Chord Progressions

Chord Progressions Detection

Chord progressions detection, or the ability to identify chords in a larger context, is an important skill for musicians.

Chord progression identification process

The following progression is built on a 'C Major' scale and the first chord in it is on the 1st degree. Lets try to identify the rest of the chord progression:

1. Find the Chord types

The first step is to focus our listening on each chord separately, and try to identify the chord type.

Can you tell the type of the missing chords?

Reveal answer   The 2nd chord is a minor chord, and the last is a Major chord.

2. Find the Chord roots

The second step is to focus on the intervals between the chords roots.

Can you tell the interval between the chords roots?

Reveal answer   The 2nd chords is a Major 3rd above the 1st chord. The 3rd chords is a Perfect 5th above the 1st chord.

Identify the Chord progression

If we know both the type of each chord as well as the interval between the chord roots, we can tell the chord progression:

Play Route VI game to develop the ability to identify chord progression by ear.