Hi all,

HELP ...

... please ... I'm on Level 49 for the Departure game having cleared Level 48 flawlessly. But I can't get off Level 13 of Route VI. I'm pretty good at the other chord type game but simply can't hear chord progressions. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you all in advance,

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ear training smh, how long will it take?
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I removed Inversionist from the rotation for a few days because it wasn’t working. It’s working again, and it seems a lot easier for me to hear the bass notes than before (I use the piano). Did they change the game? Anyone else finding it easier?
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I wish you could do a custom vocal warm up that just does up/down and immediately transposes afterwards instead of mandatorily
having to go the opposite direction
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Hey everyone, anyone have any ideas for how I can get better at Route VI? I am currently struggling at level 5.
Thanks in advance
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Hello! Second day in a row that the game Invertionist doesn't work for me. It just doesn't play the excersise so I can't complete my daily training and it's frustrating. Anyone else having this problem? I've tried different internet browsers and that doesn't seem to be the issue.
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hi! can’t understand how Solfègiator works :/ what am i supposed to do?

(i’m playing from my smartphone bth)

thank you in advance! :)
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Can anyone tell me if Notationist ever gets to bass clef? Would be good to balance my skills out a bit.
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I am atrociously bad at inversionist, does anyone have tips on how to improve? For some context, I am not a total beginner, I can easily identify any interval both harmonically and melodically.
Thanks for helping out!
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Hi guys. I have known this web 2 month ago and I've found it so useful.
But some game are so hard, can you help me with this? I'm confusing T_T
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Hello, does anyone have any idea how the skills learned in calibrator would be useful in a real life scenario?
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Any tip to improve on recognizing inversions? Inversionist is the hardest game for me
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has anyone developed relative pitch or atleast made some progress?
please tell and mention for how long you are practising and how much
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has anyone developed perfect pitch or atleast can play same note on piano which is in mind??
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I haven't been playing much tone gym lately, but I have en exciting reason! I am in the process of building a recording studio. I am excited to share pictured and info about it here when I am ready!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Does anyone else think that the collect tonecoins ring is giving them tinnitus? partially kidding, but I have to lower my volume at least 6db each time I go to hit that button lol
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I think this is a good spot to quit tonegym.
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Hi Allan, one way of doing Inversionist is to hear the top note (which I find I do naturally). If the top note is the first note of the triad, then it is the first inversion. If the top note is the second note of the triad, then it is the second inversion. If the top note is the third note of the triad, then it is the root.
I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but this works for me
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Hello everyone !

I just wanted to know, but it's been like 3-4 days i have some troubles with Melody Jay.

When i hit the 8/8 level the game instantly freeze, and nothing happend, i try many things to pass that but i just can't.

I'm probably going to open a ticket but i just wanted to know if some people have this problem too.

Thanks for reading ! :)
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22 hours to go and not even 20 players for MELODY PLAYGROUND...
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I am looking for books that offer theory puzzles / exercises (think sudoku book for musicians). Any recommendations?
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Looking for a New Label
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Does anyone else has problems trying to play the games from your cellphone? Is there a solution? 😢
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Where can I cancel my subscription? I only see where I can buy even more and it really annoys me
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I just wanted to put it out there that the apps Chet (for ear training) and Ella (for sight-singing) which are made by the same people, are amazing and good for filling in some gaps ToneGym has. I would say they’re easily up there with best ear training resources I’ve used and they’re free so check them out!
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New to tonegym, what does P mean? P1, P5, P8 etc. Thanks!
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How do we access the playgrounds from the mobile site? I can't find an easy way to get to them.
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Major Key
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So I'm having trouble distinguishing descending m6, M6, and m7 intervals. For some reason, it's only these intervals and it's only when they're descending. I can hear them just fine when they're ascending or mixed. I've tried finding songs/melodies to help me memorize the intervals but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice?
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Hey friends !
I don't understand why so few people are contesting in Melody Playground. On the last contest, even the players who scored 0 earned some ToneCoins.
I'm not that good but every week, while playing Melody Playground, I get to study a different scale, so I'm learning while playing.

Come on, hit the button up there ⤴
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In Calibrator, do you feel the largest intervals, or do you try to decipher what interval each option represents first? I find myself having to do the latter and wonder if others have the ability to feel it
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Hey you beautiful ppl, my microphone doesn't work even though I am on the recommended browser (safari) and it works on other websites.
Anyone else solve that problem? - I wanna get my singing right ^^
Thanks in advance
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I was a bit confused by this notation in Route VI which notates III chords in minor keys as bIII. Why is it marked flat when the third scale degree is already flat? Shouldn't it just be III? I'm from a classical background so maybe there's a difference with the more jazz/pop oriented conventions used here.
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I've been buying the virtual instruments from most expensive to least. The next one on my list is the Grech guitar. I love this one because it looks just like my mom's guitar. in 1961 my dad bought my mom the Gretsch Chet Atkins issue orange 6120 model. (In the late 80s, Gretsch re-issued the orange 6120 under Brian Setzer's name.) My dad kept it in pristine condition, and when, in 2013, my mom passed away, I inherited her guitar. Along with my 5-octave concert marimba, her guitar ...
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I was breezing through the early levels of most games until I hit inversionist — literally couldn’t pass the inversionist level 1 while I was at level 10 of other games. It amazed me that I had never developed an ear for inversions!

It forced me to sit at the piano, play the notes, and think about how the different inversions make me feel. What a cool exercise.
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I am celebrating that I reached today the half-way TPI score toward the coveted Diamond Ears. I know there is no trophy for it , but I might light some fireworks over it cuz I am psyched !
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Finally settling from a big move, it's great to find the community again!
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This is a link to a podcast that I think is BRILLIANT and CRITICAL for all composers and arrangers to know, understand, and apply to all work they do. This is a scientific podcast about sound, and this particular episode is about how the human brain perceives sound. Spoiler alert.. We don't all perceive it the same way!! I'd like to suggest to the people of ToneGym/SoundGym to create a section in the Learning center about acoustics and sound psychology. (I don't use SoundGym yet, so ...
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Why do I need to do marketing work for ToneGym in order to earn alternate virtual instruments? I pay for this with actual money. When I buy a banana, I'm not asked to tell my friends about how great bananas are in order to unlock plantains and the lil' baby bananas.

I might not have noticed at all if the default piano instrument were not generally unpleasant to listen to. It tends to sound out-of-tune in chords. I was hoping one of the other instruments would be better, but it...
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Noob here. Would love to hear from people that have been using tonegym for a while how radically they think it has helped them in their musical endeavours (or not?).

I'm a sucker for gamified learning/competition so can feel myself getting sucked in by this more than other ear training apps... Somebody tell me it's a good thing 😵
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Paul McCartney at 80
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