Hi! I would be really thankful for any advice how to improve rhythm and timing in a fun way. Obviously there is no substitute for practicing with a metronome, counting while playing, rhythm pyramids…
But it all feels so much like a drill and I‘m losing the joy. Any ideas how to lighten up my practice routine?
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Hey all, I play piano and occasionally compose. I would really like to build a routine for my piano playing, brush up on some basic technique things that I feel like I--as a kid--didn't ever give focus to. Does anyone know of how to start a process like that? I'm talking about going back to basics: exercises, finger patterns, etc. I need to sure-up my building blocks and get some technique.

Is there a community of these types of learners here already? Anyone want to talk privatel...
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Quick question. I'm only at level 12 in Inversionist, and I already got chords like b5 and Major 7 sus2. These kind of chords don't show up even in level 50 of Chordelius, and I can barely recognize the chord type, let alone the inversion. Currently I'm trying to break apart the chords in my head and calculate which inversion it is, but is that even what I'm supposed to do? Every other exercise have a pretty reasonable learning curve, but with this one I really feel like I immedi...
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Is the exercise "Progressions" in the Gym permanently not available? It alsways says ' it looks like you took a wrong turn'??
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Hello, I have a question, I think I see/hear the bass note in chord progression not following the chord pattern. I do better when I try and ignore it. Say in a I-IV-V the bass pitch (from what I've read others comment) should be going up in pitch? I pretty sure thats not the case in some exercices. Add to that chord inversions on some degrees and it makes it really tuff for me to progress in that game. My brain doesn't know what to listen to anymore :) .
Maybe It'd be cool to be a...
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I'm surprised I can land some notes with my voice, was certain it was all still locked up from that one botched audition I had way back in my youth (the thought of signing scared the crap out of me for years, lol)
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In regards to the new sight-reading game solfegiator; I love it and think it's an awesome idea!!! After trying the game I do find that the window of note acceptance is far too broad. For example, I can sing over a semi-tone sharp or flat and the game is still saying I'm hitting the correct note.

Using a MacBook pro and google chrome browser


PS I wasn't able to comment on the original post because the "space was private"
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I am finding it so hard to find the right training for the Chord Progression exercises, as well as the Intervalis. I have tried the Progression Generator but not sure how to train this. Also, when doing the actual daily test, the correct answer is so short on the screen that i have no time to study it, let alone learn something. I guess i basically don't know what i'm doing. All other daily tests are going pretty well.
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Sometimes all I can hear is my tinnitus 😜
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I am loving solfegiator and growing alot with it! I am also a bit confused as to what note it is playing. I'm at level six and I'm hearing an F when the staff is showing a C. Is it just that the game looks at intervals and not absolute pitch? Or maybe I am mistaken?
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Ok, a quick note about the Stats page: under the stats per game, since the selection of games for any workout is random, there are obviously days in which you might not play the game. It's a bit weird to include those as data points and assign them zero value? That implies that you did terribly, when in fact you didn't play it at all?

I would recommend that these stats be calculated without adding data points for days when the game simply wasn't played. Otherwise, your charts...
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First time ever ear training. I didn't realise it was a thing. I am so impressed by what people with perfect pitch can do. Incredible
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My song. Let me know what you think!
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Ok, another question for the advice folks out there (thank you!):

I'm currently stuck on Spy Scale specifically because for what feels like weeks, I've been stuck on differentiating between natural minor and dorian. Like: really stuck. Any advice other than "it gets a little major key"? Thanks!!
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Hello Musicians ! 🎶

Today I released my FIRST ORIGINAL song ever and I wanted to share it with you :)
It's the first song that I fully composed, produced, wrote and sang on !

Let me know if you have any feedback so I can improve next time, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the vibes 💫

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😳Just wondering how long it will take before I start applying anything learned here to my own song writing.... How long was it for others? You can hear some of my music on my profile if you're interested....
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Hi everyone! Any tips on how to deal with Inversionist? Unless I check it out on a keyboard, I am so lost on inversions!

Also: is it not allowed to join the Beta Team? It says it's private. I wanted to give feedback on the Beta game Solfègiator, the link of which redirects me to somewhere else completely.

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Hi there,
i've worked on a new track of mine for quite some time (maybe too long). Here's the result.
Genrewise it should be Psychedelic/Retro/Alternative Rock. Similar bands could be Temples, Mutemath, Tame Impala.
Lost totally perspective on this one so any opinion regarding song/performance would be very helpful, thank you so much!
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I have to admit that I have a heck of a time hearing the difference between fourths and fifths, especially when harmonized. Beyond the obvious singing of the Star Wars them and Here Comes the Bride, does anyone have any descriptions of the difference that they'd like to share?
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Anyone else finding it frustrating when Chordelius ends with a dissonance? 😅
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Safari vs Firefox on certain games (or Fun with Browsers)

I'm using MacOS 11.6 (a.k.a. Big Sur)

Just a couple of observations that mean I have to switch between browsers depending on which workout exercise I'm doing.
- Melodix (the one where you play back a melody using the "keyboard" - which, by the way, makes my eyes cross) doesn't work in Safari. It gets stuck at the beginning of the exercise and won’t play the melody. It does, however, work in Firefox...
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Melodix is broken on my phone since yesterday. It won‘t start playing. Tried it on Safari and Chrome. Anyone else?
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Hello Musician Friends 🙂
Having finally signed my first track with a label ✅ I made this quick video to share how I did it and all the tips I learned from the experience!

Do's and don'ts - Correct ways to submit - How to find labels that fits your style etc... 👍🏻

I'm thinking that it might be helpful for some of you so I wanted to share my tips with you :)

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Hey! Anyone have any cool resources on composing for film or games or tv?
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I have a midi device which I would like to use for some of the exercises like chord playing. And Tonegym does seem to find it but nothing happens when I play the keys, is there anyway I need to set up the device?
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I'm having a really hard time recognizing and decoding what mode a segment of music might be in. it seems that no matter what I do, I get it wrong. any help is appreciated.
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I really struggle with recognising the chord inversions, any advice on how to approach this exercise, what could I be listening for? Or is simply playing the inversions on the piano until I get familiar with them the only way to learn this?
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hello world
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Inversionist is all fun until i reached the 7th inversions... I understand how they work in theory but i have no idea how i should guess them? Any tips :)?
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Fairly new here and I thought I'd ask for some advice; I'm a percussionist and was delighted to find that they included a marimba (it's not a xylophone) as one of the instruments you can work with, but I'm torn between practicing with that and the piano since the latter is used for all of my aural theory tests for uni. I've been trying to split my time between the two but whenever I switch I notice a slight drop in my ability due to the different timbres and I usually have to...
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Interval Barks... help please... I have been struggling with level 102 for what seems like forever now. If anyone has any tips for a descending M7 - I have tried so many work arounds (dropping an octave and going up a m2, dropping an octave and going up chromatically, dropping a 5th and going down a M3, searching out song charts and even my instrument) but out of many many dozens of tries, I have only hit a M7 a scant handful of times, even with my flute - and the feedback via the graph isn'...
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Hello !
I need some hints for Inversionist game, i tried many ways to understand the 1st and the 2nd drop (i'm still at lvl 1) like intervals difference, the 1st drop is a sixth chord in a way so i tried to listen that one and same for 2nd drop but i have big trouble with this. If someone have some hints or even another method i'll take it. Thanks :)
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can there be a game where you guess what note it is? That would be helpful for me.
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Is it cheating if I use my piano as a reference to Melodrix?
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Sync Opportunity - Songtradr Brief
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Hi, team! I'm new to this platform. All the exercises have been going well so far for me, except one - the "guess the inversion" exercise. Does anyone have any tips how I can get better at it? I play the guitar, so when I set the sound to guitar, I can tell when the root is in the bass, but I can't tell the inversions. Thank you!
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Does anybody know what the 'compare answers' function does? It is a small button with a scale on the bottom right of an exercise. It doesn't seem to work though. If I click it, nothing happens. If I hover over it, a popup appears saying 'C key'. If I click the C button on my keyboard nothing happens neither. I hope it's not related to the C on a keyboard because I don't play these exercises with a keyboard as it has no added value. Thanks for the help
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I just aced the second level on the chord identification game. Kind of shocked. Stumped in my other two for the moment though.
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What's with the instruments? I got a guitar with my first Tonecoins but it sounds like the games are always on piano...
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Chord progressions detection
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As you guys helped me a lot to distinguish between Aug & Dim chords it‘s time that i need a trick to distinguish between the sus2 and sus4 chord, thank you in advance :D
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Ok, I have a question: with Interval Barks, I find it incredible that singing an octave above a given note is considered a "level 2" exercise? That's a huge leap for a vocalist, let alone a non-vocalist?
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Finally got through level 1 on all 3 of my games, I'm somehow better with intervals than chords... Maybe I am tone deaf for real?
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Tony MacMahon one of the great masters of Irish music has passed away, here is one example of his music:

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a riddle! what is this guy doing?

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