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Can anyone please tell me if/when Inversionist finally stops doing Sus4 and Sus2 chords? I'm at Level 24 and I feel like it's been like this for the last dozen or so levels. I really dig Tone Gym and all but it's kind of frustrating to keep getting the same things over and over, level after level.
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Due to some sort of glitch I have negative ToneCoins - check it out
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Route 6 (progressions) Does anyone have any good tips? I'm not doing well on this one.
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Sus2 versus Sus4 = very tricky. Gah! The notes are so close together that I find it hard to pick them out. Any hints?
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I can't tell the difference between an augmented chord and diminished chord. They sound the same to me.
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😎 most monumental achievement thus far accomplished!! FINALLY Made it past Inversionist Level One!
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Has anyone got any tips for descending intervals? Ascending I can hear them all and have recognisable tunes I can attribute them to (m3 is Sabbath Iron Man... All the star wars tunes for P4, P5 and M6 for example) . But the descending ones just dont stick and no tunes immediately ump to mind like ascending ones..
Anyone have tips or tune examples to help me? Its kind of frustrating
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I wish you could do a custom vocal warm up that just does up/down and immediately transposes afterwards instead of mandatorily
having to go the opposite direction
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The sunday it's burned part of my house, but i'm happy because that are not stop my training, But i lost lot of memories from my family :(. Anyway, how long time you train? all days?
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Is anyone else having trouble with some of the tools this morning (7:58 a.m. where I am)? The keyboard part of chord player and chord progression generator isn't loading. I've tried with Chrome and Firefox.

I've submitted a ticket.
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I think this skill level is one of the goal for many pianists.
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(Autospam) More music like
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Just went up my first level in the basic minigames! I'm glad to finally have a way to train my ears that is easy to keep up with throughout busy life.
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I am really struggling with the Route VI exercise. I just can't seem to connect what I am hearing with what is written. How can I improve identifying chord progressions?

I have tried doing the exercises with the circle of fifths tool open: hasn't seemed to help

I have tried doing the warmups: also have had limited success here
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Just as a general tip for all the people who are avoiding the Melody Playground and also at the risk of inviting some serious competition in the future: I'm suspecting many of you are unaware that you can set the play speed in the bottom left corner, which is the secret for scores of 40 solved melodies and higher.

However, if you were aware, never mind, I'll just humble-brag my way out the door 😉
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Hello everyone! I have been saving up for the Steinmay piano for quite some time now and I am approaching my goal of earning a thousand tonecoins. My question is for those that already own the Steinmay: Does it really make a difference compared to the regular Beckstein? If yes: How much of a difference and what kind of difference? Is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
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what am i supposed to do for the chord progression one? am i suuposed to hear the lowest note?
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Hi all,

HELP ...

... please ... I'm on Level 49 for the Departure game having cleared Level 48 flawlessly. But I can't get off Level 13 of Route VI. I'm pretty good at the other chord type game but simply can't hear chord progressions. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you all in advance,

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ear training smh, how long will it take?
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I removed Inversionist from the rotation for a few days because it wasn’t working. It’s working again, and it seems a lot easier for me to hear the bass notes than before (I use the piano). Did they change the game? Anyone else finding it easier?
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Hey everyone, anyone have any ideas for how I can get better at Route VI? I am currently struggling at level 5.
Thanks in advance
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Hello! Second day in a row that the game Invertionist doesn't work for me. It just doesn't play the excersise so I can't complete my daily training and it's frustrating. Anyone else having this problem? I've tried different internet browsers and that doesn't seem to be the issue.
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hi! can’t understand how Solfègiator works :/ what am i supposed to do?

(i’m playing from my smartphone bth)

thank you in advance! :)
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Can anyone tell me if Notationist ever gets to bass clef? Would be good to balance my skills out a bit.
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Hi guys. I have known this web 2 month ago and I've found it so useful.
But some game are so hard, can you help me with this? I'm confusing T_T
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Hello, does anyone have any idea how the skills learned in calibrator would be useful in a real life scenario?
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Any tip to improve on recognizing inversions? Inversionist is the hardest game for me
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has anyone developed relative pitch or atleast made some progress?
please tell and mention for how long you are practising and how much
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has anyone developed perfect pitch or atleast can play same note on piano which is in mind??
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I haven't been playing much tone gym lately, but I have en exciting reason! I am in the process of building a recording studio. I am excited to share pictured and info about it here when I am ready!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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