March 14th, 2024

ToneGym Hero: Jan Maciejewski

ToneGym Hero: Jan Maciejewski

A 26-year-old software developer from Warsaw, Poland skillfully balances a career in technology with a deep passion for music and sports. Jan Maciejewski is this month's ToneGym Hero!

Who are you, and Where are you from?

I am a 26-year-old young adult from Warsaw, Poland. I work as a software developer, as I graduated from technical studies. Do I have passion for that? I doubt it, although solving problems often can make me miss my breakfast. But I definitely have a passion for sports (not games). And finally I am an aspiring musician, I sing and play the guitar, with a dream of singing for a living one day. As a matter of fact I have just recently debuted with my first single be sure to check it out after the reading! 

How did you get into music?

Music has been with me my whole life, although I really started taking it more seriously about six years ago. Long story short, I was 20 years old with no clue what to do in life, but with a strong desire to do something meaningful and maybe change something in the world for the better. I never went to any music school, I didn’t know much about the theory of music, didn’t know a thing about producing, and didn’t really have a skill either,

but I was craving for creation. And I loved music. So I took my guitar that I had played a little as a teenager, installed a trial of some DAW and just started playing with them. Soon enough I realized that I have a ton to learn, and have been educating myself in the subject ever since. One could say that it should be the other way around, but you know what? I think it was better this way, as I gained motivation that I had lacked every time I tried to play as a kid.

Now I am very passionate about things I do in my life. When I start something I can’t give up just like that. I need constant improvement, and I crave progress, what sometimes almost drives me crazy (when I can’t see it).

What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

As a kid and a teenager, I was completely lost in the world of imagination and fantasy. I read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies, and played a lot of video games. However, as I transitioned into adulthood, the weight of that immersive world became overwhelming and my lifestyle broke in half. From the remnants of my former self emerged a new persona.

Nowadays, I am very into sports, and when I say very, I mean VERY. For the last 6 years, I have been training the following: tricking, tumbling, and some calisthenics. Tricking is definitely my no—1 sport. Additionally, for the last year and a half, I have been an adept of Circus Arts School, where I train aerial straps, but also dance, act, and do a bunch of other extraordinary things. My biggest dream is to play a gig, connect it with aerial straps on stage! 

Beyond these passions, I find joy in cooking, snowboarding, mountain hiking, and occasionally revisiting my roots by playing on the computer or indulging in a movie, although these activities have taken a backseat in my current lifestyle.

What's your most useless skill or talent?

Utility of a skill cannot be judged arbitrarily, or anyway, it’s just how I think about it. Nonetheless, I can juggle and know a few juggling tricks. Maybe this is useless, maybe not, but fun for sure! And veeery relaxing. I recommend it to everyone It’s like a massage for brain tissue. 

What inspires you to keep making music?

Listening to great music, along with the desire of creating something meaningful for others. I would really want my music to help somebody who is struggling to find determination to move forward. Plus, it often happens when I have free time.

There are also times when suddenly, out of nowhere an idea just strikes me. I repeat the idea in my head or hum it until I record it on my phone to save it. Reviewing those records is very big inspiration for me when I sit down to write a song. Happens a lot after a good tricking session.

If you could sit down to a session with any artist, who would it be?

Alt-J, without hesitation. They’ve been on top of my spotify wrapped every year for the past few years, and not going anywhere soon. I just love how emotional their music is, how interesting their lyrics are, how the voices of Joe and Gus complement one another and how fresh their musical ideas are. Jamming with them would be the biggest honor for me.

Any habits you have before starting a session?

None, I just sit and start. Ok, when I do not sing - a cup of tea. Often though I totally forget about it as soon as I start, and remind myself of it when I finish. As I enter this hyperfocus state, nothing can distract me. 

What have you been working on lately?

Musically, I have been working on professionally recording all of my songs for my first album, and debuting with my first single Going Blind. The song is not about losing vision, it’s rather about losing what drives one. It is also a reminder that no matter how high one may climb, they still may come undone. With the help of my friends from film school, we have prepared a music video for the song. You can watch it on youtube (link above). I hope you’ll like it! 

Also other “boring” stuff, like starting a startup and preparing an act for half-year exams in Circus Arts School.

If you could pick one, what would be the theme song of your life?

Well, that is one hard question, is it not. I think that if there is any, it is more like a theme song of a chapter of my life. So what would be the theme song of the current chapter?

The mood of this song is the very thing that I feel in my own life at the moment. The mood of this lost-in-time summer day, the day that exists somewhere below reality and is surreal to the extent that you sometimes wonder if it really happened. If you look closely, you can see it too! It hides in the tree crowns and on the other side of pools.

What's your favorite musical instrument?

My favorite instrument is the human voice. This is because of an almost endless capability to tell stories and pass emotions, combining natural and musical languages. There is a reason why voice is the most compelling part of a song.

The next on the list is a guitar, electric guitar to be specific. I just love the variety of effects that can be achieved with a little creativity and proper settings. I was growing up to the beautiful sounds of Jimmy Hendrix and later System of a Down or Iron Maiden followed by bands alt-J or Cage the elephant, so no wonder I like it so much. Maybe I do not listen to heavy music too often these days, but the need for using electric guitar in a creative, softer way remained.

What's your favorite ToneGym feature?

My favorite ToneGym feature is daily workouts. Definitely the reason why I decided to sign up, it just takes off my head one more plan to do on my own, and lets me focus on learning. It also really helps with being consistent and creates this little daily habit of ear training.

What does the future hold for Jan Maciejewski?

Hmmm, the future. This is the ultimate question I ask myself every evening: where does it all lead to? Well, time will tell, but I think I will be busy creating stuff and hopefully also performing it. 


You can follow Jan on his InstagramTikTok, YouTube and Spotify.



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Terri Winters
Mar 13
Enjoyed reading your interview & learning about your approach to music and life. Best wishes following your dreams.
Thanks Cuantas! I'd really appreciate some luck sometimes 😅
Cuantas Vacas
Mar 13
It's so nice to meet you, Jan. Congratulations on being where you want to be. You show enough passion and strenght to get wherever your dreams are aiming for! I wish you the best in your musical journey, and a tiny bit of good luck-in case you need it. 🌞

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