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I have a question concerning the way tonegym selects may daily workouts: I almost every(!) day get notationist as a gym, but my rating at notationist is 30 Billion(!) points. My overall rating is around 300.000 points. For me this does not make sense at all... Do have the same issues? Or can you make sense out of it?
(yes, smart training is turned on)

Thanks! Have a nice sunday!
Are you a pro( paid subscription) or a free member?
Scrap that, Smart training means pro 😅
Uhm, have you played every other game at least once?
Yes: I am a pro, and I played every game at least once....
Jason Blank
May 23
The point system is designed to reward personal consistent growth, and to compare to yourself, rather than anything scientific. The Stats page might be more useful depending on what you’re looking for.
Jim Cook
May 24
Question: Do you have Smart Training turned on in your Training Preferences?
Yes, as I wrote: smart training is on. Btw: since my first post, I got notationist every day....
I contacted the support: They will analyze it. They told me to turn of smart training in the meantime. (IMO, they classify it as a kind of a bug).