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This is an excellent app, and it is really helping me expose my weaknesses. One thing I've noticed is that sometimes a sound I recognize in one range becomes difficult to perceive in others.

I experience this the most with intervals in the bass range, but it happens with treble as well.

Do you all think it would be better if workout progressions involving, harmony, intervals, or scales had tonal center consistency added in?

I.e. let's say you start off with diads, p4 and p5 (which I seem to struggle with greatly). Level 1 starts with c4 and just alternates back and forth between p4 and p5 centered around c4.

Level 2 moves between c3 and c4 for the tonic. Level 3 moves between c3 and c5 and so on.

Or maybe slightly easier to program, odd levels have constant tonic center (so level 1 is constant) and even levels stay randomized like they are currently.

Some of you with stronger natural ears or who have advanced considerably, might not feel the effect, but I think this would be pretty significant for beginners.

Jean Borges
May 25
I think the developers take into consideration feedbacks like yours, and fine tune the games on a regular basis, to make improving our skills smoother. But from my experience, with time you will get better on it, even if you struggle a lot in the beginning. I for once, bashed my head a lot when I started here, but with time I got a lot better. Keep pushing on, and you will too. 😎
Of course, without a doubt I will do. I've been stagnant as a hobbyist musician for many years and I enjoy composing. If I can strengthen my ear even if I never get better on my instrument from technical standing I would consider myself in a good place.

There's no stopping now!