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For my ear training exam I will have to identify chords (aug. dim. suspended, min7, maj7, etc etc. The problem is i also have to know the inversions of these chords, what would be the best way to practice this and preferably fast, Im pretty decent at identifying chords but with inversions its still a little hard and on the inversionist game for some reason lately its been only giving me suspended chord inversions (i dont need those for my test, only need to know root position). Anyone have suggestions?
Hugo Clarke
May 26
piano + friend
@Lukas Pfeiffer download Tenuto. It’s a musician app.
To Jo
May 29
You are in ToneGym .... use the Chord Player tool, firstly by yourself to get accustomed to the sound of each, but then with a friend selecting the inversions that you need to differentiate. The tools are already in this platform!