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Stefan Vienerius
Apr 26, 2022
Anyone here ever got problems with the chord progression?
I can hear them fine with the bass chord but they just don't give that so it's almost impossible too hear.... It's the only one I always get problems with.
Victor Wilburn
Apr 26, 2022
It's one of the more difficult games. But you can still listen for the bass note in each chord (or the high note in each chord) and reason out how that fits with the choices given, considering the possibility of inversions, of course. Having a keyboard handy helps.
Hugo Paris
Apr 27, 2022
Finding where the I (or i) is in the progression removes a couple options.

Then I listen for:
- the chord natures, say major / minor / diminished, ...
- the scale degrees
... which eliminates the remaining options.

If there are still options I haven't ruled out, I use a joker to confirm the scale degree by listening to the root.

Hope it helps!