Does anyone have an advice on how to work the inversions?
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Hello! I'm new here....Loving it so far!!! Calibrator is only playing one interval instead of three as described. Am I doing something wrong or is it the game?! Thanks
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Hi songwriters,

This TSA mentor, Martin, does an amazing job deconstructing one of Charlie Puth's hit song "Attention" and giving up songwriting tips that are worth putting in your bag of tricks and tools. I'd recommend you check it out and also check out the TSA YouTube channel for more songwriting tips.

this video covers all of this:

Introduction to the song 0:20
Song Structure 1:19
Chord Structure 5:26
Melodic Structure 7:47
Melody/Lyrical P...
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Hello musicians 🎶

I just passed the 6 months milestone into learning music and music production !

For the occasion I decided to make a video to share my journey so far, the progress and results, the struggles I've ran into etc... and I thought that it could interest some of you that are maybe in the same journey :)

I'm hoping that this video can inspire and motivate you ! 💫
Have a great weekend !

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Hello songwriters!

How would you like inspiration for unique themes and song titles? This is a website where people anonymously send post cards about their secrets, fears, confessions, betrayal, or childhood humiliation. Lots of ideas for song titles too (given to me by a TSA mentor) :

Also, I would like to recommend this book if you haven't come across it! This book applies to songwriting, music composition, production, and pretty much every other form ...
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Good afternoon guys. How are you?
I need help with a question of music theory. I'm here with a song that was apparently composed with the melody in the harmonic minor scale of Db but there is only one note in this melody that is a Cb instead of C. It would be interesting to go through the Cb chord at this time or it would be better to find an alternative to that enters the scale? (Sorry if there is any English error, please)
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Just wondering what's the cheapest people have seen the PRO for? I've been enjoying the free options and only would really use 2 or 3 of the other options if I got PRO so I'm just weighing up my options as there are other platforms available which would cover some of the other things. Cheers!
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In the Circle of Fifths tool, if you Alt click a chord to get its 7th, all the dominant chords display and play a major 7th instead of a dominant (b7). So in the key of C, Gmaj7 is displayed and played with an F# instead of G7 with an F natural. In every key, the same problem.
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Why did you choose to do ear training. Im curious
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😩I've been stuck on level 4 of Intervalis and Route VI. I can't tell the difference between a 4th and a 5th harmonic interval, or between a I-V and a I-IV chord progression. At times I think I got it, then I am convinced a 4th is a 5th or vice versa. It doesn't help that I suspect Route VI is using inversions / voice leading. Which is kinda not helping a beginner! Anyone have any tips to help with this? ty
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Hi! I am at lvl 12 on interval barks and once i complete the 5th one it just gets stuck there. anyone know how to fix this?
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hi guys, haven't been here in a while, trying to catch up with the "interval barks" exercise. it simply doesn't work, when I set up the piano sound it registers when I sing unison, but already when I am supposed to sing an octave it doesn't get it, says incorrect even I'm 100% singing the octave. Then, when I set up the voice sound and repeat it perfectly it says incorrect. Does anyone else have the same kind of problems? thankssss
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Hello. Happy to be a new member hear. Enthousiast bassist, i itry to developp my hear to be better to play on the fly.
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Do the Notationist game also include the bass clef? (I know bassists are always left aside but...)
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Hi everyone!)
I'm interested in your opinion about my track.
I want to improve my skills and your criticism will be one of the best ways to do it.
Please, write not only about music composing, but also about mixing and mastering.

Thank you in advance for your opinion.)
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Hello songwriters!

I haven't done any songwriting tips for a while now and I'm going to resume doing that ( I'll try to do infographics etc )

I found this cool IG post by Landr about collaborations:

This is what it says:

Quote start:
"You need collaborations to do your best work

Doing multiple roles in music can: 1) split your focus, talent, and effort 2) add time, stress, ...
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How do I check my support ticket status, I didn't get an answer since this morning.
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Hey everybody!
I was wondering if it's best to pratice with or without your instrument.
It woulden't make sense to pratice melodix without it, but what about say; Inversionist or any of the interval training where it's about hearing the subtle (or not so subtle :P ) diffrences more so than replicating it?
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Is it possible to stop a particular game from being included in your personal daily workout?
I can't play interval barks because I use tonegym on my home PC, there is no microphone to pick up the sound of my voice. It has been included in my last few audio workouts and it's frustrating that I just have to let it play through without a result...
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On Route VI, can we PLEASE have chord inversions? How about augmented 6th chords, or non-triadic chords?
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How high do the levels go? Anyone on something ridiculous?
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nooo interbarks went locked :(
Well, it was good while it lasted. Thanks for creating an awesome minigame and giving it for free for some time, sad to see it gone but thanks tonegym :)
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Nice program, by the way.
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I am new but had problems paying with one of the options. I had to use Paypal and could not use the other options.
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