After weeks I finally got past stage 1 of inversionist 😄
It was hard and I had to plonk out every note on the keyboard, but it seems I can hear the notes of the chord a lot clearer than a month ago
Nothing can stop me now!
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How are you guys and gals getting on with some of the exercises? Some of them really frustrate me as there is no frame of reference of where the 1 might be... for instance in Melodix, I was tapping out what I thought was correct but because the the first note you hear has no indication of the one I find it really difficult in this instance it was starting on beat 2. If you have no statement of the 1, what are you to do?

Hope this makes sense...
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Bronze and Silver in one sitting. Thanks Notationist :D
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Diamond Ears, how often and how long do you practice? Do you stick to your daily workout, do you expand into the gym section?
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Does anyone have any idea how TPI is calculated? I can't find an explanation and I can't figure it out at all.
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what's the difference between the minor, harmonic minor and jazz melodic minor? I had hoped this would be in the new scales tool, but no such luck.
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Does anyone know the trick to identify inversions in diminished chords? After some practice I can now guess the root in major and minor chords, but I find diminished chords specially difficult.
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Can someone tell me how to pass the interval barks game, when I'm presented with note that are below my vocal range, and I've to sing the unison for that?
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I was recently asked how I went from silver to gold in a few days. I did not expect it to go as fast either, and thought i'd share how I went about it hoping it will help others.

The short answer is that:
- I just kept playing each game of my workout, trying to go as far as I could until I am stuck on a level.
- Consistency, There's no way to cram so I make sure to engage with it every day.

Interval Barks and Departurer are the games that I have grown the most in s...
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How long does it take to get your new trophy?.. cause I got over 10000 TPI a few hours ago and still no Bronze Ears Award :(
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Hi I'm new here but have done some ear training before.. I'm having trouble recognising chord progressions. I can often recognise the sound of plagal and perfect cadences (though sometimes the inversions throw me off). I can recognise some common progressions and I can work songs out with a keyboard pretty well (the bass notes help a lot) but when it comes to more random ones and the combination of no bass notes and inversions, like in the 'Route VI' game, I get lost pretty quick...
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Feeling more satisfied passing level 15 of Inversionist than level 150 of Notationist
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This is Sick!
I left for a while and came back to M20 intervals and broken scales.
Much interest again.
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I hate to sound like a pessimist, but has anyone else kinda "given up" on Interval Barks or Solfegiator?

I've adjusted my vocal range numerous times, and switched between 3 different headsets... but nothing seems to make either game happy. I'm always out of range - either I'm way too high or way too low.

The only time I can seem to make Interval Barks happy is when I sing falsetto, which IS NOT my normal vocal range, so I am limited to a very small range of ...
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Is it fair play to use my own guitar on the interval games, or is it cheating?
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I just discovered that you can use your keyboard for Notationist (letter row A through K on my keyboard). I thought I'd share in case someone else is pointing and clicking with their mouse every time, like I was
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I just joined and I have some knowledge I got from Youtube, any advice for a person that it's just starting on this? pls
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The level progression in Melody Jay is wildly out of step with what I understand to be good pedagogy. By level 14, we're being asked to sing major 7th leaps—a feat so difficult that it was against the principles of vocal composition for most of the last 1000 years.
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In chordelius I've been getting the option of choosing between a half dim 7 or a min7 b5 chord- wouldn't they sound exactly the same or am I missing something? I appreciate in a musical context they are technically different depending on application but seems a bit sneaky having to choose between them as both answers could be correct?
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Are the games difficulty and points capped after some level ? Is it the same level for all games ?
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Notationist is a hand-eye game first and a music game second.
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Is anyone else's Solfegiator game still not working? Registering everything as Do1. :(
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hey! With singing in solfege my starting tone is C5 which makes the next notes to high to sing comfortably. is there a way to change these settings?
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Heeeey! I know I have not posted in a good while...I'm still here and practicing as much as possible though.

After two months stuck on level 4 - far behind my other two nasic games - I levellled up twice on Chordelius! - so proud!

here's a tip: Augmented and Dimished usually have a metallic quality to them, but Augmented more so than Diminished =)
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Just joined recently. New to ear training. Have been playing the games but don't really know what I am doing. Is there somewhere to learn then practice or is the idea to learn literally by failing enough at the games? :-)
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Hey everybody! Now that Intervalis has added another octave to its range, one question comes to mind. Does anyone know why the interval between P18 and P19 is named "augmented 18", while one octave lower the one between P11 and P12 is considered a "diminished 12"?

I know both represent the same distance -plus an octave in A18 case- but I can't find the reason for such apparently arbitrary nomenclature...
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Hey! Some time ago I think I came across this principle for chord voicing that the interval character loses "edge" or "intensity" when you increase the interval width in octaves. (For example M2 having quite a bit of friction, M9 clearing up quite a bit sounding somewhat cloudy, M16 sounding even "cleaner" but still remaining some little bit of that initial tension)

Does anyone know how this or a similar principle is called or where to find more about that t...
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Anyone here ever got problems with the chord progression?
I can hear them fine with the bass chord but they just don't give that so it's almost impossible too hear.... It's the only one I always get problems with.
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what determines Game Over?
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What do the points mean? Where did the ones I have come from?
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Odd question here.
I'd like to know if any of you has a ferret, cause I was thinking of having one or two and I have heard they have a tendency to destroying equipment.
I live in a studio (as in one-room-apartment, I wish I lived in a recording studio), so putting things in different rooms isn't an option.

Should I fear for my contrabass and my cables being torn apart by the ferret's wrath or are they friendly creatures that can coexist with delicate objects?
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Hi anyone have some tips on how to recognise inversions in diminished and aumented chords?
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Hey! I need some advice for Scale Spy. I'm currently stuck on level 132 and it's making me stumped. Usually, the Scale Spy is not a challenge for me at all but level 131 took me a while to clear. When I thought I knew what I'm doing I then realized I don't lol. Dorian is the trickiest one for me to differentiate from Mixolydian. Should I use an instrument? Open for any tips and tricks! 💡🌟
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Got a question for you all: how do you approach the Calibrator game? Because I find the easiest thing for me to do is to just figure out what each individual interval is, which I became very proficient at over the last few months, and just see which one is the biggest. But I feel like maybe I'm kinda missing the point of trying to understand which interval has the most space between the two notes.
My approach also just makes the game a longer and more tedious version of the other 3 inter...
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Anyone else have a problem getting some of the games to work? The rhythm game always says "too many taps", no matter what I do, which renders it unplayable. Also, the singing game doesn't register anything when I sing.

Is there a fix for this? I'd like it to work, since I'm paying for it!
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Is there some part of this that teaches?
From what I see it mostly offers challenges and games...but what about something for those of us who may not be familiar with all the intervals or things like this.
Do we just keep playing the game until we figure it out on our own...or is there any sort of educational aspect to it that walks us through the different things we need to know in order to do better with the games and challenges?
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In the Departurer game, two notes are played in sequence, They are named as "M" or "P" numbers, like P3 or M5. What do M and P represent?
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Hello, Help me, someone knows how to practice the "Inversionist / Chord Inversions" training, I don't understand anything 😡 >:S 😡
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Hi, I love interval Barks but I am having a hard time understanding the meaning of the needle in the game. Is it input gain? Pitch? is the goal to hit the middle point?
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Where has the scale analyser in the gym gone? It doesn't seem to be there just now.
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It sounds like a system error to me that I do not hear the bass clef notes that Route VI exercise shows as I answer correctly.
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Why don’t You talk?
Never ignore what You see.

I’m asking You - WHAT YOU SEE ?

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Does anyone know how ties are decided in the contests?
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Please forgive me if this has already been asked (I didn't find my question elsewhere through search, so I don't think so). Is it cheating to play "Inversionist" with a keyboard nearby? I don't have perfect pitch, but decent relative pitch. That said, Inversionist is killing me! Using my ears alone, I have a very hard time hearing the inversion relationship of the bass note to the top note (the P5 m6 M6). If the chord sounds consonant (in our western standard music paradigm...
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Solfegiator seems to be broken again. Picking up every pitch as Do1.
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Hello, I discover the games and enjoy them a lot, but I have a problem with rythmical games. The tapping doesn't work at all. Can anyone help ?
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Hi, fellow Prague citizens, if you are interested in a live performance of flamenco singing, dance and guitar, check this invitation (details in the description). Me as the guitarist, I very much utilize what I've learned over here on Tonegym.
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