How to become a ToneGym hero?

Many of you have reached out, eager to know the secret to becoming a ToneGym Hero. While there's no exact formula for picking heroes, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of being selected as our next hero.

1. Earn Medals: ToneGym is the gym for your ears, and dedication to your daily workouts can earn you the achievements that catch everyone's attention, including ours.

2. Stay Active in the Community: While each of us has our unique journey to improve our listening skills, the ToneGym community is about much more. Sharing your experiences, offering a helping hand, and being a supportive member of our community is the foundation of our heroes.

3. Level Up Your Profile: Your profile is your space to share and sometimes show off your experiences and achievements outside the gym. Upload a profile picture, share a few words about yourself, and include links to your online presence, whether it's on social media or music streaming platforms. This helps us and fellow members get to know the person behind the screen.

Good luck!

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