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Musical Gym for your Ears

Get online ear training, develop musical intuition and improve core skills such as interval detection, chord recognition, sense of rhythm, perfect pitch, echoic memory and more. Let's start training!

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Win the Game of Music!

Connect with musicians from around the world, compete with colleagues and friends, pass levels and win awards. ToneGym is a fun game that will help you get inspired and stay motivated while learning and training.   Learn more

Advanced Exercises and Music Theory Tools

10 Personalized Ear Training Games

Intervals, chords, scales, chord progressions, rhythmic sight-reading: play 10 challenging ear training & music theory games personalized just for you.

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Track & Analyze your Progress

Assess your ear training and musical skills, get detailed statistics about your learning process and track your improvement over time.

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More games, more features, more fun. Pro musicians want the best – from their instrument, from their musical partners, and from their gym. Unlock Pro for the complete ToneGym experience.

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The Future of Music Education

ToneGym provides institutes, teachers and students the ultimate online environment for ear training, learning and communicating.

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