Online music theory tools

ToneGym tools will help you to understand various components of musical theory. Learn in depth how chords and scales are constructed, create progressions according to principles of voice leading, use the online piano recorder to play, record and share compositions with friends.

Music Theory 101

Interactive Crash Course: Learn music theory basics with an interactive online course.

Chord Progression Generator

The chord progression generator allows you to build and play chord progressions. The online generator will play chord progression according to voice-leading principles.

Sight singing trainer

Online solfege tool for singers and musicians who wish to practice and improve their sight-singing skills.

Interactive Circle of Fifths

The interactive circle of fifths is an online map that describes the relationships among the 12 tonics of the chromatic scale. Change tonic, mode, and layout to discover the relations, or mathematical patterns between musical notes, chords, and scales.

Music Scales Tool

The music scales tool allows you to play scales in ascending and descending playing modes, using different roots to learn their DNA. Insert notes into the scale finder to discover optional scales.

Chord player

The online chord player allows you to play common chords in harmonic and melodic play modes using different roots to learn their DNA and inversions.

Interval memorizer

Interval memorizer is an online tool that will help you learn and memorize musical intervals. Associate intervals with reference songs, get suggestions from other members and build your personal interval song chart.

Vocal warmup tool

Online tool for singers, musicians, and vocal coaches who wish to practice, create and share vocal warmups and exercises. Select a warmup from the essential exercises below to start your session.

Vocal range test

Take the Vocal Range Test to find out what is your vocal range, what is your voice type, and how you compare to famous singers.

Virtual Piano Keyboard & Recorder

Virtual Piano Recorder allows you to play, record and share compositions online. Connect your Midi keyboard or use your mouse to play the piano in single or chord modes.