Ear-Training for Colleges, Schools, Teachers & Choirs

ToneGym's provides the ultimate learning environment for ear-training & music theory.

Interactive Learning Tools & Exercises

Provide your class with a complete musical ear-training, sight-reading, and sight-singing solution that students love. ToneGym provides the perfect practical practice to accompany your learning program: :

- 12 interactive music theory learning tools
- 20 interactive ear-training exercises
- 14 Ear-Training games
- Sight-Reading exercises and learning tools
- Sight-Singing exercises and learning tools

The perfect teaching tools

Set goals, monitor performance, and encourage learning, training, and achievements.

ToneGym teacher version includes advanced teaching and admin tools:

- Create online classes for better communication & engagement
- Assign custom quizzes and tests
- Get all your class results in one place
- Monitor student progress, strengths, and weaknesses
- Send practice instruction & assignments in-platform

Assign Tasks, Quizzes, and Tests

Create, customize and assign tasks, quizzes, and tests to your students, to accompany your class curriculum and learning path. Choose from a complete list of training modules:

- Interval Detection, Interval Comparison, and Interval Singing
- Chords, Chord-inversions, and Chord-progressions Detection
- Scales Identification
- Rhythm Reading and detection
- Sight-Reading and Sight-Singing
- Melody Singing and Melodic Memory

Educational Institutes Benefits:

Interactive Learning Tools
Ear-training, sight-reading & sight-singing modules
Easy task assignment
Students' performance monitoring
Online classes & In-app communication