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Hey everyone: I'm in the market for a new electric keyboard that can do a bit more than my current keyboard in terms of running into my computer. Any suggestions? Currently sniffing around Casio, but open to anything. (Let's imagine for a moment that I also have money to burn hahaha...)
If you have money to burn, the Yamaha Montage 8 is a beast.
Are you looking for more of a synthesizer with loads of built-in sounds? Or more of an electric piano with fewer sounds but better key action? Either way, it's easy to find one that has a USB port for MIDI.

Software synths these days are pretty good, so if your primary usage case is to connect to a computer for recording, you don't need a full-fledged synth with lots of patches. I use an Alesis Prestige Artist electric piano. Great key action, and no issue connecting it to my computer and using it in my DAW.

But you also haven't said what sort of budget you have. You're not going to get good key action for cheap.
Cuantas Vacas
Jun 15
Last year I had to search for some decent piano-action full sized electronic keyboard for my daughter and, although she is not (yet) into using a DAW, I decided to go for one with USB MIDI capabilities in order to be able to connect it to her computer in the future. I thought I would have a hard time finding such thing, but I actually found out there are a bunch of keyboards of all kind (size, number of keys, key action, general purpose...) that can be use also as MIDI controllers.

Just for reference, I ended up buying a quite nice Studiologic (a sub-brand of FATAR italian keybed manufacturer) model Numa 2, 88 keys, not like piano's but very close, integrated quality sounds, including some editable synth sounds, two multifunction mini-joysticks (pitch bend, modulation) and stereo built in speakers, so you can use either standalone or pc-DAW connected. That cost roughly 300€. Before I made my choice, I left a good group of other nice candidates on the way, so I encourage you to take your time and try to find the one that better fits for you! Good luck!
I'm looking for it all right now. Thanks all! Keep 'em coming. It's nice to cast a wide net and then narrow as I check more out.