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Allan Dalgren
Aug 13
Hey everyone, anyone have any ideas for how I can get better at Route VI? I am currently struggling at level 5.
Thanks in advance
I'm also struggling with early levels and decided to transcribe them using guitar.
I brute force triads inversions and write them down.
I guess as long as I'm slow to transcribe, I'm not ready to feel them.
Use the c key when you fail to correct yourself.

An another way could be to order the chords differently in your head so that you find the V chord that wants to resolve to the I. It's not easy, especially due to inversions, your instrument will help here.
@Allan Dahlgren first learn to identify the quality of chords. Are you working with major, minor, dim,etc. Then learn to listen to the bass of each chord and what kind of cadence they are giving you. The life raft will help you start recognizing the bass line. Those two elements will help you immensely in the early levels.. over time you'll start hearing the inner voices as well (not the voices in your head... that is something else completely LOL) you'll get better at hearing how the voices have to move for good voice leading. You'll get there. Keep up the good work!! 👍👍👍
Brian Blades
Aug 14
@Allan Dalgren you might want to check out the chord progression generator here. https://www.tonegym.co/tool/item?id=progression-generator.
Although it doesn't necessarily seem to be designed to function as a way of practicing route IV, you can easily get it to work that way by creating a custom progression' and then adding all of the chords of the major scale (or minor or whatever other mode you want), and then just playing around with those chords, becoming more familiar with them and how they sound in context with one another. After you create the custom progression, just open it up and all the chords will be laid out in the top left hand corner where you can just click on them to hear them play.