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Michael Kreminski
Nov 18, 2021
In regards to the new sight-reading game solfegiator; I love it and think it's an awesome idea!!! After trying the game I do find that the window of note acceptance is far too broad. For example, I can sing over a semi-tone sharp or flat and the game is still saying I'm hitting the correct note.

Using a MacBook pro and google chrome browser


PS I wasn't able to comment on the original post because the "space was private"
yooval mann
Nov 19, 2021
... And I was requesting the opposite as I found the pitch analysis too demanding maybe it differs between computers as I use a Windows desktop pc?
Maybe there should be an option, for pro users have the option to play the game with it being extremely pitch demanding while ALSO an option to have it more forgiving, after all the game was already designed with the demanding option and now its more forgiving so the code already exists now maybe an option to select between these can be added.
Nov 21, 2021
This 'forgiving' behavior you're describing is set for the first few levels. Once you progress to the higher levels you will be required to be more precise in your pitch.