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Shani Berger
Nov 27, 2021
Quick question. I'm only at level 12 in Inversionist, and I already got chords like b5 and Major 7 sus2. These kind of chords don't show up even in level 50 of Chordelius, and I can barely recognize the chord type, let alone the inversion. Currently I'm trying to break apart the chords in my head and calculate which inversion it is, but is that even what I'm supposed to do? Every other exercise have a pretty reasonable learning curve, but with this one I really feel like I immediately hit a brick wall. Does anyone have any tips on how to tackle this exercise?
yooval mann
Nov 28, 2021
The Seven Steps - title (c) by Cuantasvacas

(or how to impress that ever-watching cute white kitty)

First of all, the game should be known as an "advanced" game (which means it should be approached after mastering several of the more simple games of intervals and chords)

1) So since this game is advanced I encourage you or I would recommend using a musical instrument or even an app on the phone like a virtual piano, don't fret and don't feel guilt about it, over time you will be able to drop this aid (promised)

2) use your instrument to detect the lowest note you hear (the bass)

3) observe the name of the given chord, play the chord for yourself if needed and observe its structure.

4) determine which degree of the chord does the bass represents

5) over time when it becomes easier to hear and separate the bass note, try to detect the next stage's bass by comparing it to the previous bass you heard, eventually that would enable you to forego the use of a musical instrument. But there's no rush.

6) this game requires you to sweat, decide on how much time you're willing to invest in it and then stick to the training religiously it doesn't matter if you finish a level or not but stick to the workout on a dedicated DAILY religious like routine

7) please report back on how do you do