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Hello :D

As beginners, we often FAIL and it can feel very frustrating and demotivating... but it is part of the journey to master any craft.

I was in a big failing spiral last month so I decided to share my experience and show the 4 steps I took to get out of it and finally succeed, finally seeing some progress.

I thought that it might interest some of you so here it is, I hope it can be helpful :)

Thanks for sharing the experience! A lot of encouragement for you.
Suscribed to your youtube channel :)👻👻
Thank you so much for sharing your story and experience! It's very helpful and motivating.
@Lucas marambio Thank you so much for the support, I'm really happy you enjoyed it )
@Artsiom Kopats You're welcome ! I'm really glad to hear it was helpful :D
Benedek Kiss
Jul 23
Great story and video! Thanks for sharing!