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Hey everybody!
I was wondering if it's best to pratice with or without your instrument.
It woulden't make sense to pratice melodix without it, but what about say; Inversionist or any of the interval training where it's about hearing the subtle (or not so subtle :P ) diffrences more so than replicating it?
uchiha shin
Jul 27
Hmm you can try humming it or imagine playing a keyboard in your head(you can do that after playing an instrument for a while..
Anna Małek
Jul 27
In my opinion the best way is to practice without any instruments, pitchfork etc. I know it's much harder but it will bring better results in long term
yooval mann
Jul 28
It's okay to use an instrument but you have to do a serious workout with your instrument like practise for an hour or so, I believe that if your workout is intensive and sweat forming you will get results and ultimately you will not need the instrument as you will be able to solve the challenges with an imaginary instrument in your head