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Does anyone have any idea how TPI is calculated? I can't find an explanation and I can't figure it out at all.
Josh Keisler
May 27
I was interested too though I haven't contacted anyone and found out more so this comment's mostly speculative..

When you hover over the TPI trophy it says 'Tone Performance Index (TPI) is a ranking calculated from all your game scores'. From this it seems they use all your game scores and not just your current level on each game. The fact that your game scores increase exponentially similarly to how the TPI increases fits with this.

I can't really speculate on the specifics of the algorithm but I guess they use one that weights each game as equally as possible and that they think accurately reflects your overall performance. I don't know if that would be just current/recent performance or if bad performances in long past games would hold you back somehow because they are involved in the calculation (but I doubt past performances are that important because this wouldn't allow enough for improvement).

Also, I don't know whether other user's scores are used as part of calculating an individual's score so that certain percentiles are directly correlated to different TPI scores (I doubt it but not sure), kind of similar to ELO ratings used to determine relative ability in chess and other games.

Anyway, it would be interesting to see a breakdown of how it works from ToneGym but I trust it's a good system.