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Hi there, just finished a new song that I also posted on Soundgym. Always love to hear some feedback from not just the Sound Engineers but from the Musicians, too. I was going here for a dry 70ish kind of song with some more modern elements in it. (Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Dayglow, Vulfpeck, Mild High Club). The community's advice has always been so helpful to reflect on things I could do better. Any advice/comment is much appreciated! Thank you!
very sweet man.
I love the second chord ( a C/D right ?). It goes smoothly to the Cmaj7
Don't have any advice really ahah , all in all a very solid track !
Keep it up ✌️
Urko Sarasola
Sep 23
I love the bass sound, congrats!
Very modern, interesting and inspiring
@Martin: You have a really good ear. Think in the second chord (Am7/D) because there is also an A in there which wouldnt be in a C/D chord. However later in the song there is a "pure" C over D Chord. Thank you so much again for taking the time @Martin Commandeur @Urko Sarasola שרה בן פורת