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Hey! I need some advice for Scale Spy. I'm currently stuck on level 132 and it's making me stumped. Usually, the Scale Spy is not a challenge for me at all but level 131 took me a while to clear. When I thought I knew what I'm doing I then realized I don't lol. Dorian is the trickiest one for me to differentiate from Mixolydian. Should I use an instrument? Open for any tips and tricks! 💡🌟
Chris S
Apr 22
try to remember where the sharps and flats are in the scale and count the intervals while the scale is playing
Shani Berger
Apr 22
Well, the thing with scales is that there are so many of them, that you have to have a basis from which to build all the others. This is why we usually refer to the major and natural minor scales for reference. It is much easier to remember that Dorian is a natural minor scale with a natural 6th degree, than whatever tone-tone-semi tone you can come up with (imo).

So with that, you should probably start by trying to recognize what the 3rd degree of the scale is, and then figure out what makes this scale "unique". This approach actually made it hard for me to naturally recognize a natural minor scale, since it doesn't have a "unique characteristic" lol.

As for using your instrument, I think that in a game like this, where you can clearly hear all of the notes, using an instrument is not ideal. However, I highly recommend trying to sing the scale, and trying to notice the different scale degrees like that.

Good luck!