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John Melendez

John Melendez
Jul 29
Hello songwriters!

I haven't done any songwriting tips for a while now and I'm going to resume doing that ( I'll try to do infographics etc )

I found this cool IG post by Landr about collaborations:


This is what it says:

Quote start:
"You need collaborations to do your best work

Doing multiple roles in music can: 1) split your focus, talent, and effort 2) add time, stress, and difficulty to your workflow 3) make you lose perspective

Look at the credits of any modern album, you'll find multiple songwriters, producers, and featured artists

Collaborators can challenge you and provide the important outside perspective you need to do your best work"
End quote.

I have been able to advance my career as a producer thanks to collaborations... and I hope this tip will help you too. Networking is key to making it in the music business.

John M